DESCRIPTION: CARA is a Picture Archiving and Communications System that performs enhancement and sharing of digital retinal images using a secure internet connection. CARA is designed to be used with images from most commonly used fundus cameras.

DISCLAIMER: CARA is not intended, nor marketed, to diagnose or grade any retinal abnormalities. The enhanced image from CARA shall be used in conjunction with the original image.

USER ACCOUNT: Access to CARA is restricted to authorized users. The user shall not disclose, share or otherwise give access to his/her account to another person.

DEFECTS: The user shall immediately report any malfunctions related to the use of CARA to

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Information that may be used to identify an individual, including, but not limited to, names and health information shall be deemed confidential and proprietary to the patient. Except as required by the law, personal information shall not be disclosed to a third party. More information about our privacy policy.

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